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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Horton Hears a Hoo-Whee!

Main Street Station
Richmond, VA

For the first time since the Virginia Governor's Cup Competition was revamped in 2012, a white wine has claimed Best in Show. Horton Vineyards' 2016 Petit Manseng bested over 500 wines from 102 wineries to earn the 2019 Governor's Cup.

The Horton Petit Manseng is 100 percent dry, finished with a touch of Viognier and Rkatsiteli (5 percent each) to produce an aromatic wine with intense flavors. The wine is modestly priced at $25.
Sharon Horton, who runs the agricultural side of the venture, called the entire team up to celebrate Horton's Governor's Cup Victory.
Horton Vineyards is one of the pioneers in the modern Virginia wine world, currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Founder Dennis Horton passed away last summer, but his legacy lives on in his wines and wines throughout the Commonwealth. It was Horton who brought Petit Manseng to Virginia in the late 1990s. He also is responsible for bringing Viognier (now the official state grape) to Virginia in 1989.
Caitlin, Shannon and Dennis Horton in 2017 with Virginia's signature Viognier, the only dry white to make the Governor's Cup Case that year.
Two other pillars of the Virginia wine industry also were honored at the Governor's Cup Gala. Mitzi Batterson of James River Cellars was recognized as the 2019 Virginia Wineries Association Wine Person of the Year. Batterson is a former President of the Virginia Wineries Association and has been a leader in revamping the Governor’s Cup Competition and starting the Virginia Wine Co-op.
Mitzi Batterson of James River Cellars receives the Wine Person of the Year award from Justin Rose (Rosemont of Virginia), President of the Virginia Wineries Association.

The Gordon Murchie Lifetime Achievement Award went to Jim Corcoran of Corcoran Vineyards and Cidery (Wine Dogs Ecco and Pomeroy had a wonderful visit to Corcoran in 2014). Corcoran was instrumental in creation of the Virginia Wine Distribution Company and has chaired the Virginia Wine Council. Since 2010 he has served on the Loudoun County Chamber Board of Directors, representing the Virginia Wine Industry in the county that today boasts the largest number of wineries in Virginia. 
Jim Corcoran receives the Gordon Murchie Lifetime Achievement Award from Wine Board Chairman Kirk Wiles (Paradise Springs Winery),
All 68 Gold Medal wines from the competition were showcased at the Gala, with special recognition given to the top 12 (including the Horton Petit Manseng), which will comprise this year's Governor's Cup Case. Read about them here
Sharon Horton shares a Governor's Cup moment with York, who was well into his cups by the Gala ended.

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